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Health Plus Medi-Spa Inc.     
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About Us:

Health Plus Medi-Spa Inc.

Our Medical Spa (or Medi-spa) is different from traditional "feel good only spas" in that we perform medically based and esthetically pleasing treatments to make you look and feel better.

At Health Plus Medi-Spa, we contract with leaders in the Health Care industry to first properly diagnose and then prescribe a treatment plan for common conditions such as Cellulite, Toe Nail Fungus, Spider Veins, Laser Skin Tag Removal, Port Wine Stains, Scarring Reduction/Removal, Stretch Marks, Tattoo Removal and so forth.

All of our contracted Health Care Professionals are registered and licensed Podiatric Physicians, (Foot & Ankle Specialists), Physical Therapists or certified Laser Technicians. Depending on your needs, you will be seen by a Doctor or Physical Therapist who will provide you with a diagnosis and customized treatment plan which will detail the recommended treatment, costs, expected outcomes and provide any other information you require.